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Trash and Garbage

In an ongoing effort to keep Savannah Pines an attractive place to live, please follow the rules regarding trash and garbage.

  • ALL refuse, waste, bottles, cans, garbage, and trash must be securely wrapped in plastic garbage bags.
  • ALWAYS take and place your bagged trash inside the dumpster.
  • DO NOT leave the bag outside of your unit before taking it to the dumpster.
  • ALWAYS walk the trash bags up the ramp, place them inside the dumpster chute, and push the top button to make the compactor begin.
  • DO NOT leave the bag(s) or trash on the ramp.
  • DO NOT place boxes inside the chute.
  • Make sure you ALWAYS close the chute door. This will activate the machine automatically.
  • ALL boxes must be broken down and neatly placed behind the vinyl gates.
  • DO NOT leave anything outside of the dumpster area.
  • If you have large household items that are usable, please donate them to a charitable organization such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army do not leave them in front of the dumpster doors.
  •  If you have mattresses or furniture that are beyond repair, please place them BEHIND the dumpster doors..
  • DO NOT block the large dumpster doors with any trash, furniture or household items of any kind.
  • ALWAYS pick up after your dog and use the doggie bag stands throughout the community.
  • DO NOT leave litter on the ground or around the pool. Use the trash bins located at the pool and playground.
  • DO NOT place construction material inside the compactor or behind the vinyl gates.
  • ALL VIOLATORS will be imposed with a $ 500.00 fee for improper trash disposal.
Please make your children aware of these rules.

If you see someone leaving anything in front of the dumpster and are able to identify them by their address or license plate, feel free to contact our manager. 

Thank you for your cooperation to make Savannah Pines an enjoyable place to live.