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Clubhouse and Pool

In order to keep the Savannah Pines Clubhouse and Pool a place of enjoyment, this is a reminder of the Clubhouse and Pool Rules. Please observe the following Rules when using these amenities:

  • The use of the clubhouse, exercise room and pool are for owners (and their approved tenants) who are current in HOA Dues. Any unit not current on dues will have their card deactivated. Anyone using the clubhouse or pool without an activated card will be considered trespassing.
  • Please do not give access to pool or clubhouse to those who do not have their card. You assume responsibility for anyone you allow to enter the pool area or clubhouse. If their card does not work, they should contact the Management. If they don’t have a card they should not be using the facility. 
  • Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult 18 or older in the clubhouse and at the pool. The accompanying adult assumes full responsibility for the minors with him/her.
  • Any group over five (5) persons wanting to use the inside of the clubhouse must make a reservation using the clubhouse reservation form. 
  • The AC thermostat in the clubhouse is controlled by the manager. If you have questions, please contact manager.
  • No alcohol is permitted in the clubhouse or at the pool.
  • No glass containers are to be used around pool.
  • No music is permitted to be played aloud in the pool area. Please use headphones.
  • No pets are permitted in clubhouse or in pool area.
  • No smoking in clubhouse.
  • No jumping over the pool fence.
  • No propping open of clubhouse doors or pool gate.
  • No large flotation devices or rafts when others are using the pool. 
  • Lifesaving rings and pool poles are to be used only for lifesaving emergencies.
  • No running around pool.
  • No diving into pool.
  • Anyone using suntan lotion or oil must cover any lounge or chair before sitting and shower before entering pool.
  • All infants and toddlers must wear rubberized form-fitted or water proof garment over a diaper while in the swimming pool. 
  • Clubhouse hours = 5:00AM - 10:00 PM
  • Pool hours = Dawn to Dusk