Moss Park - 417 Interchange

A Condominium Community near Lake Nona in Orlando, Florida

Interchange Construction

Brian Hutchings, the Expressway Authority Public Information Manager keeps us informed about the construction on the Interchange. Occasionally, there will be night crews working whenever they need to reduce traffic to one lane each way on 417. 

See alerts below for latest information.

Expressway Authority Construction Alerts

Note from the Contractor of the Moss Park Exit: 

February 26, 2009 "We experienced vandalism to our equipment for the third time this weekend, including for the most part broken windows. The previous two episodes have been restricted to the railroad track as it is more secluded, but the latest round included equipment at the Moss Park Road intersection. 

Can you get the word out to the local associations asking them to help us and report any suspicious activity to the police or sheriff by calling 911? We are stepping up our security efforts and intend to catch and prosecute the perpetrators of these acts. We want to try to get the word to the local associations and to get the word to any unsupervised teenage kids that the consequences for these acts is huge and serious."

Construction Update: November 14, 2008



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