Satellite Dish Restrictions

Considering a Satellite Dish?

Here's what you need to know...

Satellite Dish installation REQUIRES an Application to be submitted to the Management of Savannah Pines Condo Association for approval by the Board. Our Architectural Guidelines state the following: 

Satellite dishes may be installed only within the boundaries of the back patio of a unit on a tripod which can be bolted to the floor. They may not be installed on any exterior part of the building except the floor of the back patio. They may not be installed in any common area, including the grass or dirt.

Disclosure: The location of the back patio may not allow for a clear signal to be received if the satellite needs to be in a direction and/or angle other than what the patio provides. Before installation the homeowner is responsible to verify this information with their satellite provider. 

Ribbon cable may be used through the track of the sliding door. No holes should be drilled in exterior walls, roofs or glass. No wiring should be placed upon exterior walls.

After confirming with a Satellite Provider that your patio has the proper orientation to allow a Satellite Dish to receive a clear signal, you may fill out the following this Application and send it to our Management Company for approval (address on form). The Board reserves the right to remove any Satellite Dish which is not in accordance with these guidelines.